Meet Jaime Emilio Perez Gonzalez

Emilio, along with his brothers, was moved from foster home to foster home. At each new foster home, he would arrive and get settled and then the beatings would begin.  Every home they lived in they were treated with cruelty, as if they were animals. After being passed from home to home, the feeling of belonging was a desperate desire for Emilio and his brothers. They began to hang out with other boys and go to convenience stores and rob them.  After this, the brothers got taken out of the foster homes and placed in a temporary orphanage until they found a permanent place for them to live. That is when we came across them and brought to live at Rescue a Child Orphanage.  Since then, Emilio has adjusted very well.  He loves his new home and always has a huge smile on his face and has a great positive attitude. He has not quite decided what he would like to be when he grows up yet.

Here are Emilio’s own words:
I am Jaime Emilio Gonzalez Perez. Before I used to live in Creel and slept outside on rocks. I would eat eggs, beans and weeds. I miss my house, but I like it here because they give me a lot of food, clothes, toys and shoes. I also like school and the teachers that get here in the afternoon to do our homework. I also like the people that take care of me Arnulfo and Lupita. Here I have a bed for myself and some bathrooms that I never knew before and the way I drink water & take a bath. When I grow up I would like to be a teacher and I would also like to build my mom a house. Help me achieve this. Thanks Jeff, Halee, Patty & everyone else that doesn’t know us.

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