Meet Manuel Jaime Gonzalez Cobo

We trust you are enjoying getting to know each of the children a little more through our introductions each month in the newsletter. This month we are delighted to introduce you to Jaime. He survived in circumstances most of us could never even imagine ourselves in. He is truly a warrior.

Jaime has been orphaned for most of his life & struggling to survive all on his own. For many years, he moved from cave to cave of the mountains of South Mexico, setting shelter up by himself nightly. He has encountered many things that you could never imagine a 7 hear old would survive, from killing a poisonous snake with a rock to finding his own food every night. When he was picked up, he was found living in a cave and had not been bathed or groomed probably ever.  His parents have never been found. He was then brought to Rescue a Child Orphanage and has been slowly adjusting to this new environment. He enjoys being in the home and has said that he is excited to go to school and learn so he can get a job when he is older. He wants to work so he can have a car, and he hopes to maybe be a teacher. He is always the best dressed of the boys when they go to church and loves to look his best!

Here are a few of Jaime’s own words: I am Manuel Jaime Gonzalez Cobo. I used to live in a house made out of rock and then they took me to a foster home called La Junta. There I slept on a mattress with a lot of kids that would hit me. They would get me wet and take me to the dirt because they were much older than me.

Tbe food I like it better here than over there and the flour tortillas, corn tortillas, meat, cookies and the candy they give us. In my new home I like to be in peace playing with the water and toys. I also like to play with the dirt but I have to wash my feet before I come inside. I also have to pick up my toys that are on the floor. I have been very blessed rather than the small house I used to live in. I have to do my bed and put away my clothes. I like to go to school so I can play. I want to be a teacher when I grow up, but to achieve that I need help. Thanks for all the love that you guys give me, Jeff and everybody.


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