When We Go, God Shows Up!Sharon Horrell

Dear Jeff, Patty & Haley,

I wanted to express to you how much you have ministered to me through the way you each carry His Presence and character.  I ALWAYS feel so much love and acceptance flowing from you and it’s a 24/7 thing.  It’s who you are.  I don’t see you putting it on and taking it off but it’s YOU, all the way through.  There’s no veneer.  You are 100% genuine.  I just want to tell you how much that ministers to me.

I want to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for hosting His Presence.  I know you have paid a price, not once, but over and over.  Because of your sacrifice there is a portal through which He can flow to touch His children.

As for this trip, WOW!  It was just so wonderful to allow Holy Spirit the freedom He so desires to touch His children.  The prophetic ministry Friday just primed the pump.  We could see the flow on Saturday as we visited homes.  I was encouraged to learn at the first home we visited that the young man who had previously been delivered of a homosexual lifestyle had actually made a significant change and although he has temporarily fallen back, I believe God will continue to bring him into His true destiny.  In the second home we saw a family receive Christ.  Then we visited the store where the father of the family had been shot in a drive-by shooting and prayed while Pastor Hector ministered to them. We ministered living water to a family who had no water or electricity. They were taking turns with a shovel and pick ax trying to tap into a water source for their home. We had the privilege to be a part of healing and reconciliation of a neighbor of the orphanage who was recovering from cancer.  As she expressed forgiveness and opened her heart and home to those she had previously persecuted, the room was filled with peace.  One of the group felt that God wanted us to sing over her.  We did and afterwards she thanked us telling us yesterday was her birthday and no one had sung to her.  But God did!Words are just so inadequate!  Just know that I am lifting you up and asking Him to give you MORE.  You have been so faithful to give away all that He has given you.

How awesome to see the hungry fed at the Saturday night service. We saw the spiritual hunger on each person of the congregation and as they pressed in to get more of Him they received from the Lord.  Many came forward in response to words of knowledge and received healing of legs, knees, kidneys, infertility, diabetes and troubled marriages. I talked to Herminia who had come to the meeting with a painful lump in her stomach.  The lump and pain disappeared as she received ministry by the Holy Spirit.

Sunday morning the faithfulness of God was again revealed as specific prophetic words were delivered by Americans who had no way of knowing the details of the lives of the individual Mexicans receiving the word.  However, the congregation knew and their faith was increased as God demonstrated His love and care for the problems and hardships of each child of His.

At  an outdoor church plant on Sunday evening we saw two deaf people receive hearing.  Two children with swollen glands, a lady with pain in her neck, a young man with heart problems, and a lady who had had numerous miscarriages received healing.  A lady was delivered of spiritual oppression.  These are just some of the reasons I keep coming!

I love you, I love you, I love you!

Gods Children are Beautiful Katie Sims

In the book of John 7:37-38, Jesus says, “If anyone thirsts, let him come to Me and drink.  He who believes in Me, as the scripture has said, out of his heart will flow streams of living water.” The Streams of Water Ministry truly is filling a thirst for Jesus Christ and His abundant love and grace to the thirsty children and families of Juarez Mexico. Being down there with those children was one of the most beautiful pictures of God’s children I have ever seen. The poverty and affliction is absolutely inescapable in Juarez as well as the country of Mexico itself. They honestly have nothing, and the few who have anything at all have very little. For most people down there the primary way to get anything is to steal it because a days worth of hard work won’t even pay them enough to provide for themselves much less a family. Because of this, lots of parents end up somehow giving their kids up. They are too poor to afford most medicine if anyone in their family gets sick. Most of the children down there had major scars from accidents that would be easily treatable with band-aids and Neosporin for you and me. They don’t have those things though. The slightest burn or cut turns into an infection that leads to a big scar most often times for them. They know, more than anyone I have ever met, the meaning of the word suffering. Not many of them understand the love of Christ and the provision He has for them. Somehow through all of the scars, scabs, dirt and smell Gods children are still beautiful. Their hearts are still the pure and loving hearts of a child of God. Those children yearn for comfort and happiness. They were still created with that same need to be loved that God instills in each and every being he creates. One smile does so much for them. They are so grateful for a simple hug. For someone to take time out of his or her life to spend with these children brings them more happiness than I could ever begin to express. When they come to the point where they know that they can trust you, they naturally cling to that because of the comfort it provides! To fulfill that need in their lives fills a need of my own and that is to be need by someone else! It feels so good to be loved and trusted like that. It is as if God was pouring out his love to me through them. No language barrier has an affect on the Holy Spirit’s ability to work in this way.  It is the most beautiful thing I have ever experienced.   While down there serving this past July I found my own thirst being quenched as well. Several years ago when my twin sister and I were freshmen in high school God put a calling on our hearts to serve him through missions. God brought the Spanish language into our lives shortly after that. He confirmed in us a short time later that our missions were to be in Spanish speaking countries. We were thirsty for that calling in our lives for several years before it ever became an opportunity for us to fulfill. Though the callings remains in our hearts, we were able to drink ourselves of his living water while serving with Streams of Water Ministries this past July.

The Lord’s ProvisionStephanie Wise

I had no idea what to expect when I signed up to go to Juarez. I signed upf or the trip over the 4th of July and the goal of the trip was to minister to the hearts of the people.  I was not really
sure what that meant or what all it entailed but I knew the Lord wanted me to go. I was excited to find out that one of the main groups of people that we would be ministering to was children, many of them orphans. I am a social worker and I work with abused and neglected children. The Lord has given me a big heart for children. Jeff and Patty Graham have built as orphanage in a neighborhood that has been devastated by poverty. Although the orphanage is not complete, it is already being used as a makeshift community center to minister to the people of the neighborhood. When we arrived at the orphanage, we came with an abundance of supplies to feed, do crafts with, and spoil the little children. It was such a blessing to see the children, dirty and many not even wearing shoes, get so excited when you helped them make a Fruit Loop necklace or gave them a hot dog or a piece of candy. The idea that so little could mean so much or bring such joy was very humbling. I grew up in America in an upper middle class family and I never had to worry about going without; there was always more than enough. These children don’t have the luxury of not worrying about not having enough. Some days they go without the basics of food, clothing and sometimes even shelter. But they have a BIG GOD and these children believe that their God will provide. While loving on the children and their parents, I was immensely blessed and moved to see just how much they believe in God. They know they have a big God and that He provides for all of their needs. They rely on Him to provide everything and their faith is strengthened as they daily see Him come through for them. Because I grew up having a roof over my head, clothes on my back, three meals a day and much, much more I never thought about the fact that God has provided all of it. It was always just there. I can now see how much the Lord has blessed me with all that I have. I don’t have to struggle daily and hope that I will be able to feed myself or my family. For the people of Juarez, this is a daily struggle but because of the work of God that is taking place, as a result of Jeff and Patty Graham, Pastor Hector and many others, people are turning their struggles into prayers and they are seeing the Lord provide. The people of Juarez have tremendous faith and they are constantly seeing the Lord work amongst them. I know that by being amongst the people, praying for them and providing for some of their physical needs, I was able to minister to the hearts of many. But I feel that my heart was ministered to more than anyone elses.  My faith has grown tremendously as a result of this trip and I now see the Lord’s provision in a whole new light.

WillingWally Guerrero

I had been trying to go to a missions trip to Juarez for about a year, I was finally able to go over the 4th of July weekend. Looking back I can see how the Lord had been preparing me for the trip. I had spent a lot of time brushing up on my Spanish, speaking and reading it more. The Lord even paid my way through friends of ours. One of the things the Lord spoke to me before I left was about having a willing mindset, so before I left I had made up my mind that I would not back down from anything the Lord would ask me to do while in Juarez., so I left knowing I would be stepping out more than I ever had belore. One of the first things we were told by the Graham family was that this trip would be a time of stretching and stepping out of our comfort zones, which confirmed what the Lord had been speaking to me, also at one of our prayer meetings Pastor Patty shared a word about when we are in the fire that the Lord would be right there with us, which was very encouraging to be reminded of. During the weekend I interpreted quite a few times,but my  “fire” did not come until the last day of our stay at a Sunday morning service when the pastor called me up on stage and asked me to interpret his sermon in front of the whole congregation! The fire had been set. The pastor handed me a microphone and my hands were so sweaty I was afraid of being electrocuted. All I could do was repeat to myself Phillipians 4:13 – I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Well, I started off a little shaky at first, but then I sort of got into a groove and I made it through to the end. It was the scariest but also the most exciting thing I had ever done! I had always been shy and timid, but the Lord has been changing the way I see myself and the way I think others see me. Now anytime I feel fearful of speaking up I think back to the time I spoke at the church in Juarez and it gives me strength and courage. The Lord has even put it in my heart to start a lifegroup teaching basic spanish for missions and everyday use, thanks to the encouragement of some of my new friends that I met on that trip. I know this missions trip helped a lot of people in Juarez, but it also helped a lot of us who went on it. I would like to thank the Grahams for their wonderful ministry and I am looking forward to taking another trip with you soon! God bless.  Luke 6:38

February 2009 Mercy Ministry Trip UpdateRick Lopez

Just a quick report on our recent trip to Juarez this past February.  As always, the Lord moved and worked, not only in the lives of his children in Juarez, but also in us.  I believe the Lord set the tone for the weekend first thing Saturday morning when we arrived at Jeff and Patty’s house.  We had just unloaded from the vans to have our morning devotional when a man walked up to me from the drug house that is across the street.  He asked me if I was a Christian.  Then he proceeded to tell me how he was tied up in drugs and drug gang.  He really wanted to be set free and to get out of the gang.  That particular morning, he along with someone else was supposed to go and kill a man (don’t know the reason).  Carmen Wall was standing close by me, so I got her to help me talk to him.  We visited a few minutes then we asked him if he would allow us to pray over him.  He agreed and we brought him into the carport area of the house and explained to the rest of the group what was going on.  Long story made short, we layed hands on Carlos, prayed over him, set the declarations and the Holy Spirit took him down.  When he got up, we asked what he was feeling and he said he felt a peace that unlike any he had ever felt and there was now Hope.  We ministered to him a while longer and he asked several questions.  He is raising a grandson and he knew the life he had been leading was not a very good example to set.  About that time Pastor Hector and one of his leaders came over and they also talked to him.  Before he left, I told him that as he went on his “assignment” to ask the Lord for the words to say and actions to take.  But also if he heard the Lord say not to go there, not to go regardless of the possible outcome.  He said that while he was down on the ground, he felt the Lord tell him not to go and commit the hit.  We encouraged him in what he heard.    After our devotional time, which the Lord had shown me to speak on HOPE, we loaded up and went out to different colonias and ministered in Power and Might.  The Lord was so good in that we witnessed the healings manifest in most cases, and in the others, we believe they were healed even though we did not see that manifestations.  Our team experience level of operating in the Spiritual Gifts varied, but the Lord used every person on the team, because everyone of them stepped out in Faith.  Even when we ran out of food to bless with, the people were delighted that we took the time to pray with them and over them. I could write a book on all that took place, but I just wanted to give you a short report and to thank you and Trinity Fellowship for giving all of us an opportunity to be the hands and feet of the Savior.

Lily of the ChaviraCary & Kay Pratt

My wife and I participated in the Trinity Fellowship Mission Trip to Juarez, Mexico over July 4 weekend this year.  My wife was praying on the drive down about how the Lord would have her minister to those while we were on the trip.  The Lord brought a vision to her mind of a little girl with a scar on her face and revealed that the scar she could see was a sign of the hurt on the inside.  She was impressed that she should pray for healing of those scars on the inside as well as those on the outside.  The first morning that we were there, my wife told me the vision so I could help look for the girl that the Lord had revealed to her.  It really stretched my wife to tell me because it would expose the possibility of a mistake in hearing God.

We ministered to numerous (at least 88 that were photographed) niños during the day and did not see a girl that met this description.  My wife was participating in the activity that took pictures of all the niños to pass them out at a later time.  She was examining each picture to see if she could find her.  I was working out among the niños and I was also looking for a girl to match that description.  When we finished with the activities and cookout for the children, we ate lunch and delivered beds to four families that had lost their homes in a fire.  The homes had just been rebuilt in the Chavira Colonia area, but were lacking in beds.  We arrived at the location of the fire and our leaders began discussing the distribution of the beds.  Then I saw a little girl with a cut about two inches long on her forehead with stitches in it.  I called my wife’s name, got her attention through my misty eyes and pointed to the little girl.  My wife ran to her and knelt and began praying over her and hugging her.  The little girl’s name was Lily and she was one of the children whose families lost their homes to the fire.

Although we don’t know exactly what designs the enemy had on this little child, we know that God made special provision for her to be ministered to in the situation she was in.  Whatever work God was doing in healing and protecting her, we got to be a part of it.  The experiences on this mission trip confirmed that God still moves among his people – and we are seeing the fulfillment of “…un rebaño y un pastor (one flock and one shepherd).” John 10:16.

So Much More McKenzie Price

I went on the TFC mission trip over the July 4th weekend. This was my fourth mission trip I have been on; two of which were to Mexico with other ministries. I do not know how else to describe this ministry other than amazing! When I first decided to go on this trip I was not expecting a huge life altering experience, because I had it in my head that it is a place i have already been and I knew what to expect in a mission trip; but what i got and what God did in my life through this ministry was something so much more. God is doing so much in Juarez through the streams of water ministries, and I found it incredible to be able to go and be a part of it first hand. I absolutely love being able to lay hands on the people and pray for them and watch God move through me to touch them. Playing and loving on the neighborhood kids was both fun and rewarding. This has been by far the best mission’s trip I have ever been on and I can not wait to go again.

~God is doing something big and amazing within Juarez right now and I want to be there to help bring it~