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October, 2011

The experience of building the orphanage has given me greater perspective concerning Noah. I’m convinced one struggle he had was to take every thought captive once he realized the call on his life. I can see him as he continued to build when the sun was shining brightly and skeptics were all around. Then the suddenly of the Lord began to transpire in his life. The sky began to change—the season over his life was changing. It began to rain and the landscape of Noah’s life would never be the same. The promises of the Lord began to manifest.
The calendar is reflecting a change of the season even though the weather continues to teeter between summer and fall. Transition is in the air. The last few weeks have certainly been filled with days of transition for Streams of Water Ministries. We have moved from the building phase to the support phase of the orphanage.
The children we have prayed for and trusted the Lord for are no longer nameless and faceless. We have 10 children living in the orphanage. We are confident that we will have at least 3 others very soon.
These children carry inside of them a future and a hope planted in their DNA by the Lord Himself. The suddenly of the Lord is upon us. It brings us great joy to get to partner with Holy Spirit as He brings forth in each of these children’s lives the purpose and destiny the Lord intended from the beginning.
Along the way we too have encountered skeptics. People just couldn’t believe that we were going to Juarez. We have been called crazy—and that was to our faces. However, we have had an outpouring of prayer and support from our friends and partners. We would not be where we are without you. Your support has helped usher in this new season.
It is with great excitement we take this opportunity to share with you that we are hosting our 1st benefit for Rescue a Child. The event will be held on Sunday November 6th at Trinity Fellowship with the proceeds going directly to Rescue a Child. This will also be a time we come together to celebrate the Lord and all He has already done through this ministry.
This will be a night to remember. Thanks to the diligent efforts of one of our treasured friends our special guest is Christa Black. Christa is a multi-platinum-selling songwriter, mesmerizing entertainer and powerful speaker. She has traveled the world and shared the stage with renowned artists Michael W. Smith and the Jonas Brothers. Christa’s captivating message is for people to know their worth and value—their true identity. We believe the sincere, authentic talent of this beautiful young woman of God will touch your hearts.
We would like to extend an invitation for each of you to participate in this landmark event. There are several ways you can do that.
•You are invited to attend. Space is limited so you must RSVP to Patty at 806-670-8636 by call or text message no later than October 7th.
•You can share with your family and friends and invite them to partner with us in this worthwhile endeavor. They can visit us on face book at Rescue a Child.
•You also can support this effort with your giving. We have enclosed a giving card for your convenience. In fact it would be a great beginning to a successful event to have several giving cards in our possession before the event even happens. Please feel free to drop this in the mail to us today.

We stand in awe and amazement of the Lord. We celebrate His goodness and faithfulness. We are asking for His vision and dreams as we move into this suddenly season.

September, 2011

I’ve seen excitement in many children’s eyes this week as they prepare to head back to school. I remember this time in my own childhood. There was always a new pair of shoes and supplies, which our parents sacrificed to provide to set us up for success. I saw this same excitement and hope in the little 4-year-old girl named Alejandra that will soon be at the orphanage. She visited the orphanage recently and wanted to go right then and get her clothes and come back. Hope and promise sprang up in her. We have enclosed her picture so you can pray for her. We are so thrilled this time has come in this journey.
Please continue to pray for us too. We want to make wise use of the resources that we have. There are so many other children that need our assistance. We are trusting God for the finances to cover the expenses for each of the children He is bringing to the orphanage. We need the Holy Spirit to point out to us the specific children God has in mind.
God has been pointing out and targeting to us the Tarahumara Indian children that live in the mountain ranges of Mexico. Many of these children are abandoned and are struggling to survive on their own. Their plight is unimaginable. Some wander from village to village hoping to get small amounts of cornmeal to go in their hip pouches to sustain them for just a few more days. The villagers have no means to help them but will spare small portions of cornmeal occasionally. The children will search for a puddle or any source of water that can be mixed with the cornmeal to make a paste forming their “next meal”. They sleep in the mountains or in caves for shelter.
This time of year is an especially dangerous time of year. Harvest time for the drugs that are grown in Mexico is upon us. The drug cartel is notorious for kidnapping children and forcing them to harvest the drugs for them and then killing them. We have seen many mothers, even in Juarez that are very cautious about letting their children play outside this time of year.
As you can imagine the needs continue to increase. You are helping us save children from the very grips of hell and human trafficking by your giving. Giving has been down some over the summer months. If you would like to help these children we will welcome your financial assistance.
We feel called to help as many of these children as possible. So we would like to make you aware of two things on the agenda. We will be doing a Rescue a Child Food Drive. Eight specific food items that are commonly used in Mexico will be collected. We are asking people to attach a bill of any size to each of the items donated. The money will be used to purchase perishable items in Mexico. We will collect food not only for the orphanage but also for many other children like the Tarahumara Indian children. Please contact us if you would like to host this project at your church, business, school, life group, youth group or Sunday school. We will supply you with all the materials to get started.
We would also like you to save November 6, 2011 on your calendar. We will be having a Benefit Event on this day at Trinity Fellowship. We want you to come. Please RSVP to us at 352-6611. We are looking for people that would be willing to be a table host at this event. Each table seats 6 people. A table host would be willing to fill his/her table by inviting others to come. There will be a meal and outstanding entertainment. If you would be interesting in helping by being a table host please contact us at the phone number above or by mail or email. We would like to hear from you concerning this as soon as possible.
We have so much to give thanks and praise for. One of the praises we want to share is that we got the car back that had been impounded. God is faithful all the time. We are so grateful for each of you. You are helping us advance the Kingdom by your faithful giving and prayers.

July, 2011

Recently I was enjoying the “perfect” summer day. The temperature was just right and the wind was a gentle breeze. Gratefulness rose in my heart as the Holy Spirit reminded me how Jesus is the “perfect picture” of how we are to live our lives. He is our role model.
One example Jesus gave us was how He walked in the prophet, priest and kingly anointing. One of the best, concise explanations of Christ in His three offices is given by Louis Berhof : “As Prophet He represents God with man; as priest He represents man in the presence of God, and as King He exercises dominion and restores the original dominion of man.”
Like Adam before the fall, we are also tending and keeping God’s creation by caring for others and our environment. We pray for, and we reach out to, the lost. And if we can ease each other’s physical suffering we do. This is our role as priests in the Lord in the world. This was exhibited through each of the team members that went on the recent construction trip. The 16 people that were on this trip were the hands and feet of Jesus going and doing the work of the ministry. This adventure was a great success. Here are some of the things that were accomplished:
Both of the new staircases are completed
The kitchen is fully equipped and working
All of the furniture is at the orphanage
The bathrooms are fully functioning
Plus our house parents Arnulfo and Lupita Gonzales and their children Luis 13, Jessica 12, and David 8 are living at the orphanage. God deserves a big halleluiah for this!
We are moving closer everyday to the opening of the orphanage. In fact we are starting the application process. The day we will actually have children at the orphanage is drawing ever so near. Please continue to pray every detail will come into alignment with the word of the Lord. There are a few loose ends to tie up for the government’s punch list. In addition to what the government is asking us to do there are a few physical needs yet to be fulfilled:
Air conditioning for the orphanage @ an estimated cost of $800- $1,000
Outside security in the way of a chain link fence that will cost approximately $900
Every gift that is given exhibits the kingly anointing to the world. The primary purpose of the kingly anointing is the fulfillment of the Great Commission that Jesus entrusted to the Church. Simply put, one aspect of the kingly anointing is the blessing to make money to be senders of the priests.
We are excited to share a praise report from last month. We shared that it would cost $600 to register the vehicles that had been donated to the orphanage. We had a partner send $600 to cover the cost to register one of the vehicles. This is so appreciated. Way to go God!! Thank you faithful partner! We are asking you to stand in faith with us, as we trust the Lord to provide a way for us to get the 2nd vehicle registered and the expense of the fence and the air conditioning taken care of. He has always been faithful to provide a way.
As we come to the opening of the orphanage the sponsorship for the children is certainly on our minds and hearts. Your donation/ seed money is important now more than ever. Advancing the Kingdom for our King would not be possible without the support of valued partners like you. We must operate as prophets, priests and kings in politics, education, religion, family, etc Whatever sphere we operate in we must operate according to God’s moral law. We would like to thank you for your continued support and remind you that everything you do to partner with us in Mexico goes into your bank account in Heaven. This applies whether you are partnering with us in a Kingly or Priestly anointing. We are grateful for every one of you.