Vision Statement

Our Purpose
To go into the country of Mexico and our local community, to fulfill the great commission by preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost, pray healing for the sick and wounded, and deliverance for the oppressed. Not only is it our desire to take spiritual food but also to provide food, water, shelter and clothing to meet the physical needs of the orphans, widows and destitute families in Mexico and our local area.
Our Principals
We want to be the messengers used by God to bring faith, hope and love to the people in Mexico and our surrounding area with excellence and integrity.
Our Mission
To minister to the people of Mexico. Our various forms of outreach include: food & clothing giveaways, church ministry, prayer and evangelism, and orphan and widow outreach.  One branch of our ministry is Rescue A Child, an orphanage that houses 20 Tarahumara Indian children. Rescuing and ministering to those that have been abandoned and forgotten is our heart.